Get Aligned and Get Going!

Get Aligned and Get Going!

Get aligned and get going to live in the flow!

• Do you tap in and get aligned on a daily basis?

• Do you spend the time to make sure your day flows, that you're on purpose and doing what's aligned for you right now?!

If not, you may be spinning your wheels. ⁠⠀

I know, I've been there - pushing to make things happen rather than being open and available and aligned with what it is you should be doing. ⁠⠀
One is draining and exhausting where the other provides ideas and energy that you didn't know you had. ⁠⠀


Getting Aligned is...
1. Taping into Source and your Higher-Self so that you're on purpose, aligning to your Soul-Self, and receiving guidance for your day. ⁠⠀
2. Staying Connected throughout the day to the high vibes. ⁠⠀
BEING vigilant with what type of thoughts you allow into your world and becoming aware of when you need a break, some downtime to reconnect.⁠⠀
3. Feeling Good - taking care of yourself so that you can do what you want to do. ⁠⠀
That is, feeding your body, mind, and soul what it needs to function best. ⁠⠀

  • Exercise to release all the positive and negative chemicals and energies in your body
  • Eating healthy so that your mind and body have the energy needed.⁠⠀
  • Feeding your Soul what it needs: meditation, play, rest ...⁠⠀

4. Taking Aligned Inspired Action - knowing the difference between your list of "should do's" and pushing to make it happen vs. doing what really matters and what you're pulled. ⁠⠀
What do you really want to express, create, or do at this very moment?


Always go with the flow of energy and not against it! ⁠⠀

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