Your Power is in the Present Moment

Your Power is in the Present Moment

When you live in the present and in joy manifesting becomes easy. 

Your Power lies in the present moment.

In the present, you can create a vision for your future -
with visualization you can begin to feel your future life now -

it is that feeling that brings you into the quantum field!

Thinking of something and feeling it magnetizes your energy. 
Like energy attracts like energy.

You're now sending out powerful positive vibrations -
and it's only a matter of time until it manifests!  

Remember that memories are connected to the past -
so to create a new future reality -
you want to focus on the future but BE in the present.

You want to live in the vision and believe those future possibilities now -
act as if until your circumstances begin to match your vision. 


Raise your vibration - Attract positive energy - Manifest faster! 


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