Affirmation Cards and Inspirational Quote Cards

Connect to positive energy and start your day aligned with my Aligned & Inspired card deck. 

Use the inspirational quotes and affirmation cards as a morning meditation, a journal prompt, or just pick a card to start your day off right.

Take a card with you as a daily reminder - they fit perfectly in a wallet or pocket. 

Remember: It only takes a few minutes every day to raise your vibration and align with positive energy!

Aligned and Inspired Meditation card deck: 
• 35 cards in the meditation deck: Inspirational quotes, Affirmations and more... (the cards are 2.75 x 2.75 in.)
• Good energy cards and Om, Yin Yang high-vibe cards. 
• 4 design-only cards so you can add your favorite quotes and affirmations too!
• 1 quartz crystal and 2 stones for extra good energy.
• Deep blue good-vibe pouch to store your cards and crystals in.

 Plus free shipping in the U.S!

Raise your Vibration - Attract Positive Energy...
and Manifest Faster!