Buddha Quotes Art, "What you think..."


Stay connected to good vibes each and every day with Buddha quote art!

Your thoughts are part of your vibrational frequency and one of the most important tools in manifesting - so check in with your thoughts often and make sure you're only sending out, and attracting, positive energy!

Let this painting and Buddha quote, "What you think you become" serve as a friendly reminder.


Surround yourself with positive energy in your life and home!


Inspirational Art from Inspire Good Vibes                      * Free U.S. Shipping! *


Hand stretched durable canvas.
1.5-inch gallery wrapped canvas.
All my canvas wall art is signed.

Museum quality archival inks only used in printing.
Vivid, durable, water-resistant inks - made to last.

Canvas wraps around the sides of the wood frame. 
Ready to hang wire backing.

* Bring more positive energy into your home and life!
* Stay connected, inspired, and motivated with inspirational quote art and spiritual art - just like my Buddha paintings.
* Quotes and affirmations are very powerful - they work on your subconscious every day, so if you're feeding it the right stuff, it will help you achieve your dreams!
"Every thought, every word is impressed upon your subconscious mind and it's carried out in amazing detail." - Florence Scovel Shinn

Free Shipping in the United States!
Full refunds with return of the painting.

    Start vibrating higher with Buddha wall art! 


    Inspire Good Vibes is about connecting with good vibes and attracting positive energy! I'm passionate about spreading more good vibes and I'm doing my part to create more positive energy through my words, canvas wall art, and other products. Check out more ways to raise your vibrational frequency here!



    Vibrate Higher - Attract Positive Energy - Manifest Faster!



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