Inspirational Journal - You can

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The perfect size notebook for journaling, taking notes, and staying motivated - find your inspired ideas and notes fast with a custom index! 
  • Fun vintage surfing photo with periwinkle blue and white on a matte cover 

  • Words: "Yes you can. End of Story." On binding: "Yes you can"

  • Medium size notebook, spiral or bound: 7.44 x 9.68

  • 175 white pages: blank (60# Acid-free paper)

  • Numbered pages with a custom index for easy referencing! 

Part of the Women's Empowerment Notebook Series! 

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        Style: Bound

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        Cassidy N.
        Very cool!

        Such a cool pic and the size is my new favorite for journaling!

        Start manifesting faster!

        Start manifesting faster!

        • Begin to embody your success through journaling - work with the law of vibration and attraction.

        • Discover what inspires you and lights you up - get to know yourself on a deeper level.

        • Uncover limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your dreams - see what's under the hood!

        • Raise your vibration with a daily gratitude ritual!

        Get Organized:

        Get Organized:

        • Find those inspired ideas & notes fast: create your own table of contents.

        • Important notes are at your fingertips when you need them.

        • Have dedicated notebooks for: Ideas, Journaling, Courses, Projects and more...

        • Use highlighters without bleeding through.

        • Have fun journaling and taking notes - enjoy what you're writing in!

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