Manifesting Tracker Journal 6x9

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Introducing the Manifesting Tracker Journal - the ultimate tool to accelerate your manifestation process. Track your manifestations, find patterns, and speed up your results. Try it out! 
  • 6 x 9 bound journal to track how you manifest

  • 180 white pages: manifesting pages, intuitive hits area, and notes

  • A soft-cover journal available in turquoise, yellow, pink, or light blue

  • A custom index to help you organize your manifestations

  • Happy Manifesting!

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Discover your own unique Manifesting Code!

Discover your own unique Manifesting Code!

• Start tracking how you manifest

• Discover the little things you do

• Uncover what really works for you

• Test out different manifesting techniques

• Understand what makes the difference and how you can speed up your manifesting!

Track each Manifestation:

Track each Manifestation:

• How did the idea or desire come to you?

• What actions did you take that could have contributed to it?

• Did something out of the ordinary happen?

• How long did it take?

• What stood out to you?

-> Start tracking those manifestations to find the answers to these questions!

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