8.5 x 11 Large Spiral Notebook

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Color: RoyalBlue
Pages: Blank
This is the perfect size notebook for online courses, projects, or if you love journaling. Find your inspired ideas and important notes fast with numbered pages and a custom index.
  • Large spiral notebook 8.5 x 11

  • 175 white pages: blank, lined, or dot-grid (60# Acid-free paper)

  • A glossy soft-cover notebook with mandalas in orange, yellow, light blue, or deep blue. Pick your favorite color!

  • Custom index with numbered pages to help you stay organized! 

    Start manifesting faster with daily journaling!

    Start manifesting faster with daily journaling!

    • Get to know yourself: discover what lights you up and awakens your Soul!

    • Start uncovering those beliefs that stop you from achieving your dreams. (journaling helps you with this!)

    • Create daily reminders to keep you focused on what you want - not what you don't want.

    "Every thought, every word is impressed upon your subconscious mind and it's carried out in amazing detail." Florence Scovel Shinn

    Find what you're looking for fast!

    Find what you're looking for fast!

    • Create a table of contents that's just for you!

    • Your important notes will be at your fingertips: No more searching forever for that important note or inspired idea.

    • Have a dedicated notebook for: Ideas, Journaling, Projects, Courses, Podcasts & Clubhouse, Sketches...

    • You can use highlighters without bleedthrough on these notebooks and journals too.

    100% money-back guarantee

    100% money-back guarantee

    Notebooks & Journals to keep you Inspired and organized!

    Have everything in one place with a large notebook! Just use the custom index to organize your journaling, ideas, lists, notes, and more...

    • Decide on a notebook for each area of your life: a small notebook for all your to-do lists and ideas, a medium notebook for journaling, and a large notebook for notes, plans, project ideas, etc.

    Either way, with your own custom index, you'll know exactly where to find everything!

    • Love writing again: Choose from white or cream paper (my favorite) and a cover that you'll love the feel of like the soft matte cover or you can go for the glossy notebook cover.