Ways to use the "Aligned and Inspired" Card Deck


There are many different ways to use the cards, it's really just a matter of what works for you. Feel free to come up with your own way too - the cards are just a tool to help you connect to higher vibrational frequencies so that you start your day aligned, inspired and attracting positive energy.

The trick is to find all the ways that work for you. :)


Start by creating a ritual: 

• Pick a nice quiet place where you can sit every morning.  ( I also like to use the Relax app on my phone so that I hear a gurgling brook or ocean waves when I meditate and use the cards.) 

• Place the crystals next to you, on your lap, or on one of the cards. I would also find the Om or Yin Yang card and have that face up next to me too - you could also add one of the good energy graph cards.



 Pick from 1-5 cards to start your Meditation

  • Go in the order the cards are in or pick randomly from the deck. 
  • Read one card or as many as you need to create a shift in energy.
  • Stop at the card that resonates with you.  
  • Close your eyes and ask why that card resonated. Sit quietly and listen for your Higher-Self or your Spirit Guides to provide you with the answers. Don't try to control your thoughts. Allow. Be open. No judging.
  • It may help you to have a journal nearby too so that you can do some free writing - this really helps to side-step the thinking mind. The trick is to not stop, just write whatever comes to you. (It's fun to read what comes out and chances are you'll be surprised. )
  • If nothing comes to you, then ask what the card means to you right now? Why do you think it spoke to you? Follow the energy and let your thoughts take you. Ask more questions to see where it leads you: What would you do if...? How would you feel if...? (You're trying to create and live in the feeling of what it would be like for those few minutes. That's how you can start to manifest. Thoughts plus feelings = strong positive energy = manifesting! )
  • If you want, pick one more card to end the session and start your day. 

    Choose one card as a Journal Prompt

    • Same as above but go right to your journal. Ask yourself questions related to the card and see where it takes you. Just go with it. See what comes up. No judging. 
    • You want to align your thoughts and your feelings - so if you're thinking about starting something new, ask yourself what it would look like? What would you like the outcome to be? How would it feel? Write about how amazing it would be with all the details. The more specific the better. 
    • This is very powerful energy-wise and can help you manifest faster! The more heightened your emotional state is - with your thoughts and feelings aligned - the more powerful the energy is that you're sending out - and the higher you're vibrating. 
    • Pick one more card to start your day. 

      Ask for Guidance from the Universe  (one of my favorites)

      • Shuffle the cards and ask what you need to know at this moment. Continue to shuffle the cards loosely and ask that the card or cards that you need the most drop from the deck. 
      • Continue until one or more cards drop. (It can happen right away or it may take a minute.) 
      • If more than four fall out then re-shuffle using those cards and ask again. 
      • If nothing drops - this has happened to me only twice - I stop and read the card that's on top. 

        Quick Pick

        • Pick just one card from the deck randomly - receive the message that it has for you. 
        • For extra good vibes: place the card where you can see it throughout your day. 


        Use after Meditation

        • Shuffle the cards and pick one or go in order and read as many as you need to get a good vibe boost! (I love doing this.)


        Use the cards before Bed

        • Read a card before bed and let your subconscious start working on how to make things happen while you're sleeping.



          Why are there blank cards? 

          As you use the cards you may come across a quote you really love and would like to add to the deck - or maybe an affirmation that you would like to start using. I decided to add a few blanks so that you can add your favorites to the deck. 

          I'm always adding new quotes and affirmations to my decks. I will even rotate some cards in and out since my deck is growing.

          Tip: If you're worried about writing on the cards just write your words on a small sticky note instead and tape it to the card. 


          I hope you enjoy the cards and if you have any questions or if you want to send me a quick note on know how you like the cards, if they're helping you or how you use them - I'd love to hear from you!   

          You can email me at denise@inspiregoodvibes.com

          Much love and tons of good vibes to you, 



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