Inspirational Quotes Coloring Book


quotes coloring book

I created a coloring book because I know I'm not the only one who loves coloring and inspirational quotes - I figured this would be perfect combination!

You can be inspired and color at the same time with my "Inspirational Quotes Coloring Book" - it's also a fun and easy way to connect to good energy. 

The book contains beautiful and uplifting quotes that will inspire you and awaken your spirit. Let the power of words and wisdom of the masters motivate you, unleash your creative spirit and propel you forward towards your dreams!

Why Color?
Coloring has many benefits, it reduces stress and anxiety, it's very relaxing and meditative, and it's always fun and creative.


About the Coloring Book

• 60+ UNIQUE DESIGNS: flowers, mandalas, cool patterns, hand-drawn designs and I even added a few animals.
• The INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES are some of my favorites from BUDDHA, Lao Tzu, Rumi, THOREAU, Emerson, Einstein, PICASSO, Mandela, Gandhi and more.

Designs are both detailed and simple, so depending on your artistic level or your mood, you will always find something you can color!

* Doodle Pages where you can unleash your creativity and just doodle away.
* Blank pages to test your colors, materials.
* Two design-only pages where you can add your own favorite quote!

Relax, unwind, feed your soul and create some good vibes while you color and doodle away.







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