What is Aligned Inspired Action?

What is Aligned Inspired Action?


Aligned inspired action is "attraction action" -  and based in the law of attraction.

It's an action that attracts you to "do" but it also has an energy all its own.


It's an action and energy that...

- pulls you to do ( inspired )

- that's aligned to you and your frequency 

- it wants to be expressed and created in the world 


aligned inspired action - inspiregoodvibes


This action then produces results (which you may not notice right away) but it's working in the background - the Universe is creating with and through you. This is called "creation energy."

It's not just taking action for the sake of taking action - it's aligned and inspired action that's of a higher frequency - and you can feel the difference.

It's the law of attraction in action really. It attracts you and pulls you to it and it attracts others after it's created. It has an energy of its own and will continue on as an energy.