How to Manifest in three easy steps!

How to Manifest in three easy steps!


The three steps to manifesting are:

1. Connect to Source Energy through meditation, prayer etc. You want to get connected and raise your vibration. 

2. Get Aligned - You must connect to positive energy and be aligned, which is what connecting to Source Energy is, but you must also be aligned with what is it that you want to manifest? You want to think of it in detail.

Know it and see it. How would it make you feel to do, be or have what you want to manifest? Feel into that energy as if it's happening. Use Imagination and Visualization to help you. (A Key to manifesting!) * 

3. Be Guided. Take action towards your goals and dreams but you must be open to inspired ideas! This is very important - the Universe cannot help you manifest if you're not open to all the possible ways it can actually manifest.

You may have some great ideas and plans, but if you stick to "your plans" only with blinders on, you'll probably miss out some of the magic that could actually make it happen - or at the very least, make it happen faster. You must be open and available to new possibilities! 

    * You must be aware of any issues that come up when you're visualizing! You have to be in 100% belief about what it is you want to manifest. You can't have any doubts or limiting beliefs surrounding what it is you want. You must believe it's possible and take the steps to make it happen. 

    If you do have limiting beliefs then you must do the work to figure out what it is that could be holding you back? Why don't you think you deserve it? etc. You have to get in there and uncover any such beliefs before you can move on.