Slow down to Speed Up!

Slow down to Speed Up!

At times you must SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP!

It doesn't make a lot of sense but it's the truth. You can't just keep going - hustling and pushing and living in the grind. ⁠

• You may find you're heading in the wrong direction -

only you find that out too late. You could have turned around a lot sooner - but you didn't look up - you kept your blinders on and your head down. ⁠

• In life lots of time that's what we're told:

Put in the work - keep going - however, if the energy of that thing is wrong - or its the wrong thing entirely, or perhaps the wrong timing, you'll be so distracted by running the race that you'll never realize:⁠

- you have no idea where the finish line is⁠
- that you missed the turn 10 miles back⁠
- the race has been over for days⁠
- you're running the wrong race⁠
- created the race - it's all an illusion. ⁠

• Before any of that happens -

it's happened to me plenty of times - slow down. way down, to a crawl and then stop. It may feel uncomfortable but stay with it: Being busy can be a distraction. ⁠

  • Take a breather. ⁠
  • Get your bearings.⁠
  • Tap-in. ⁠
  • Ignore everything and see where you are. ⁠
  • All is good - let it all go. ⁠
  • See with new eyes - and ears. ⁠

• What do you feel pulled to do?

What's the energy of the moment telling you? NOT THINKING - but feeling the energy of the moment. Listen to it. Feel into it. ⁠

It may not make any sense but it's what you need to do now - and from there - check-in again. ⁠

• And as Martin Luther King Jr. once said :⁠

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”⁠

That is alignment. 

Who's going to slow down enough to see the first step? ⁠



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