Vibrate Higher - Stay connected to the Light!

Vibrate Higher - Stay connected to the Light!


Stay connected to the light!

When we choose to live in the higher vibrations of joy, love, and gratitude - then Source, the Universe - works with us!

When we vibrate higher we attract more good to us. 

Today in my morning reading and meditation session I read something that really struck a chord - it basically said that we must approach our work like play because the moment it becomes hard work we are not advancing.

We must remember to take inspired action - which means not pushing to make things happen.

We must be open to leaving the to-do list for a bit.

We must allow - let the energy show us the way.

Source sees more than we do and is always helping us and guiding us - but we must not get in our own way. 

THE LESSON : Work in Joy and be open to being guided. 


As always ...Vibrate Higher - Attract Positive Energy and Manifest Faster!


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