Follow the Energy!

Follow the energy - inspire good vibes tips



Do you follow the energy?

That is when you get an idea or are inspired to do something - do you follow it?

Do you allow yourself to just go with it and see where it takes you?

To live life's magic - follow the energy! 

I’ve found that it’s definitely a discipline combined with trust and faith because sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

But energy doesn’t lie and you're always being guided.

You can feel the difference between high-vibes and inspiration vs. fear and ego-driven thoughts:

  • One expands and the other contracts.
  • One feels good while the other feels heavy.
  • One feels closer to you while the other feels like a stretch.

I get that it can feel scary and even irresponsible at times but the more you do it the more you’ll believe.

(Try tracking your nudges and inspired - I actually have a notebook I use just for that.)

It’s common to let fear and ego decide for us - which are low vibrations -

but our job is to stay connected to the high-vibes where inspiration and ideas flourish!  

Thank god some of the greats trusted their intuition and their inspired ideas!

Follow your inspired ideas and live life's magic!

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