Be Grateful instead of Fearful

Be Grateful instead of Fearful

Be grateful and turn to GRATITUDE.

Do you let fear stop you at times? I definitely do. But instead of allowing fear to stop you - be grateful and turn to GRATITUDE.

If we can become grateful instead of fearful in the moments where fear is stopping us then we can change how we see the situation and instantly be in a higher vibration too. 

Instead of fearful, be grateful that:
1. You were given the idea - the Muse dropped in on you, Spirit dropped in on you and trusted YOU! 
2. You have the ability to make it happen - or else it wouldn't have come to you. 
3. You have a unique way to share this with the world and in a way that only you can. 

The outcome is secondary. You have already won. Why?

Because your job is to get it out to the world! Not to judge your ideas  - it's not for us to decide whether or not it's good enough. 

It's our job ONLY to put it out there - then the Universe can do something with it.

We don't know what that something is...
- something good may come of it right away. 
- maybe it's a seed that will bear fruit later. 
- or it could be a stepping stone. 

Who knows.

Our job is to DO and with GRATITUDE! 

Fear seems sort of silly looking at it from this point of view don't you think? It kind of blew me away. I have a whole new perspective on fear in the midst of a new idea. 

Do you think you can switch to gratitude next time?

Do you see the paradigm shift it would create for you? e the paradigm shift it would make?

I even added a "Gratitude over Fear" print to my A.I.M. High! Collection: 

gratitude canvas print


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