Inspirational Quote from The Wizard of OZ.

Inspirational Quote from The Wizard of OZ.


"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."

I love this inspirational quote from The Wizard of Oz. 

How true it is.

We are powerful but we do need to learn it for ourselves.

Sometimes we get in our way - oh, and do I know a thing or two about that - but if we can just get still, tap-in and connect - we KNOW.

We really do know.

The other day in meditation I realized that sometimes YOU HAVE TO GO IN TO GET OUT.

We just have to go there, do the work, tap-in and then trust ourselves.

We are powerful and if we can just trust, follow the energy to where it wants to take us and let go let God - we will see just how powerful we really are!

You can find wisdom in all sorts of places! :)


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