The Power of Meditation for Anxiety

meditation and anxiety


Meditation is Powerful - 

One morning I realized the true power of meditation.

I was feeling stressed and anxious about everything going on in my life but once I began to meditate I was able to separate myself from all the anxiety and negative energy. 

After a few minutes, I felt very calm, relaxed, and grounded - all of my anxiety just seemed to melt away.

What I do in meditation:

• I start by playing some form of running water in the background (I have a small water fountain but I also use an app on my phone ) - it helps to relax me, tells my mind and body it's time for meditation. 

• I then light a candle and either sage or palo santo. 

• After I have set the mood if you will, I sit on a pillow on the floor and being to chant with my hands in prayer position until I feel settled, focused and any mind chatter has died down. (Which usually takes anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes)

• I chant: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo which is from SGI Buddhism - Soka Gakkai International. To hear how to pronounce and chant this click here.  (I was part of SGI over then years ago but I still chant this because it is so soothing and it sort of brings me into a trance-like state.)

• Once I'm very centered, calm, and feel connected to Source I sit in silence from between 10 - 40 minutes.

I completely let go of any thoughts or feelings - tapping into something bigger than myself.

Taking the time to tap-in, quiet the mind, and align with something bigger than the Self is key. 

Meditation really helps to quiet the outside noise and align with Source and Soul.  

When you connect to Source - you can slowly come back to center and from there, you can begin to trust and have the faith. 

Be Still.

Go Within.


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