The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

I just love doodling after meditation and when I'm reading, I find it's an easy way to remember something or express myself. This particular doodle was how I felt after meditating the other day.

I realized the true power of meditation when I sat down one morning after feeling stressed and anxious about everything going on in my life. Running helps but meditation was able to separate me from it all.

I actually felt as if I was able to look at it outside myself! I would recommend meditation for anxiety every time. It creates a calming center and the anxiety just seems to dissipate.

If you can connect to Source, and find peace and guidance - then you can slowly come back to center and know that all is OK. When you meditate you can separate the thinking brain - and all that anxiety - and just trust - let it all just melt away. 

It has to be a daily practice though because anxiety will always creep back in if you let it. 

Be Still. Go Within.


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