Align to your Higher Self and New YOU!

align to your higher self - spiritual alignment

What is your Higher Self? 

Your Higher Self is a part of you that knows way more than you do - it's always guiding you on this journey - it's your Soul-Self.


How do you align or connect with your Higher Self? 

Aligning to your Higher Self or Soul-Self is about taping in and getting quiet, listening, and paying attention to how you're feeling.

YOUR SOUL ALWAYS KNOWS THE WAY - it's the easiest and truest way - and it's always looking out for you! 


your soul knows the way -


A Meditation Download on Aligning to Soul:  

In Aligning to your Soul-Self you come Alive.

Aligning to your truth opens doorways that you couldn't see before.


• In aligning to your Soul-Self you come alive, resources open to you, beliefs shift – you come into a new being - a new self - a confident Self that's aligned with your Soul and Source.

ALIGNING TO YOUR TRUTH IS FREEING and an open and expansive energy. 

• It's also a bit scary because it may feel like a new identity and different from what you're used to – but just because you're used to something doesn't make it right.


-> Your path comes from within.
-> Your truth comes from within.


Becoming who you are meant to BE comes from within - and is your connection to Soul and Source.

That is true spiritual alignment - that's what you should be tuning into every day...


Tuning in, reconnecting, and also clearing away any doubts, fears, and anxiety from the day before. 

• Clearing away the cobwebs and starting a new day in the high-vibes. 

• Aligning to Self, in the flow, and taking action from that place.

(You need not do any other "work" – aligning to Soul and Source is sufficient.)



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Your mission or calling is different from others so there's no point in following another's path.

We're talking about WHO YOU ARE:

Your TRUTH and the actions that you need to take daily to step into your Soul-Self.

 That my friend, you cannot get from someone else –


(Yes, you may find support, advice, and inspiration from others but make sure they're on your same vibrational plane or higher.) 


Taping into your Higher Self

• You must learn to live from this new Self.

Some will have trouble at first because it's so different from the person they've been "playing" - they've been playing a part that wasn't meant for them, and so it wasn't working.

Your feelings, emotions, and life showed you that. 

But, it's always up to you to wake up and...

All we can say is "welcome home!" - now is when things get good! 


Change to the new you, embody the new you - and BE THE NEW YOU.  

Decide to be the new you.

• You can step up and make the change - but, it must come from WITHIN YOU. 

If you're still looking outside yourself, you'll never find the answers you seek.


let go let god -


You need to let go, surrender, and go within: LET GO AND LET GOD.

(This is why most have to hit their breaking point or rock bottom to finally surrender, to go within, and connect with Self and Source.) 


You can start today to Connect to Source

• You can align daily - moment by moment to who you are - and then begin to act from there.

You may feel it's challenging to do so but know that the bigger the disparity (between who you are now and who you want to be) - then the more abundance awaits. 

The more foreign it all seems to you: the more that you were living in lack and limitation and a scarcity mindset - the better, more beautiful and abundant on the other side.

It's not really another side but it's a paradigm shift in perception of who you are and how you see.


When you step into your TRUTH, your Soul-Self, and connection to Source - you're aligned with abundance and the highest frequencies of the Universe. 


It's all available to you in this new paradigm - that's the shift - that's what it's all about.


When you begin to align with your "truth consciousness" each and every day you can shift from lack to abundance - you have the power when you're aligned with your truth.



align to your truth - inspire good vibes


It's an energy shift:

• It's all connected - you raise your frequency when you connect to the higher vibes of Soul, Source, and abundance.

• It's as simple as making the decision to shift daily.

It's up to you.

• It's up to you to decide what plane you want to live on - one of lack or abundance. 

• You can choose to live your truth.


(But, you do not have to live your destiny.) 


Living your destiny requires you to tap into your Soul-Self and your Truth...

and that requires surrender, trust, and allowing yourself to be guided from within and from Source - all-powerful energies.

When you connect and align with your truth you engage all kinds of energies and powers that were previously unavailable to you: you have locked-in if you will, the circuit is now clear and complete.

• You can live in the flow with high-vibe frequencies, where coincidences and synchronicities happen often and where things begin to shift - to where you can't even believe your eyes.

Tip: don't believe your eyes. 

* Your eyes see only what you "believe" - on the field you're playing now.


There's always more available to you!


believe in more than you can see - inspire good vibes


Allow you to BE YOU.

That's the simplest way to put it: Allow.

Surrender to you. 


And then let the energies pull you forward - into even more you.

Trust and have faith.


Your connection with yourself and the Divine is all that's needed

Think of this energy as God / Source / Infinite Intelligence - it doesn't matter what you call it or how you want to relate to it all - just know that it IS.

It IS.

Make a decision today to follow that energy, that truth, and you will find soul alignment and your calling - because it's one and the same - you, your truth, Source, and the Divine.


It's up to you to connect to the higher frequencies or live in the lower vibes of a reality that's not yours to live - or else it would be "working" for you, you'd be happy and in the flow - if you're not, then you're not aligned there!

Choose a higher frequency, choose your frequency - choose YOU.


Align to who you are and who you came here to Be

Have the courage to be you and step into the energy that's you - it will feel 100 x better - the energy of flow and allowing is peaceful, it is grace.

It's being pulled by energies - it's not pushing against them and fighting against yourself.



• You have the power to change.

Daily you can change - and then change again.

(Morphing from one field to the next, into the higher vibrational frequencies.)

It's all available to you.

• Choose, and choose again, to BE YOU.

Align to your Soul-Self, your Higher-Self, and become the NEW YOU that you've always known you were - and that YOU ARE.



become the new you - inspire good vibes

Steps to Becoming the NEW YOU:

1. Connect with your Soul-Self and Source

• Meditation, Prayer, Journaling (whatever works best for you to connect.)

• Start off your day in the higher vibrational frequencies.

• Get aligned and be open to being guided. 

 I like to meditate and journal daily:

Meditation: to connect to my Soul-Self and Source.
Journaling: to connect to who I want to BE and where I want to go. 

Journaling is a very powerful way to connect with yourself on a deeper level, to be open to guidance, and the perfect way to create a new future you. ) 


2. Take Aligned Inspired Action

• Becoming this new you and take guided inspired action. 

• Live from your future Self: in belief, trusting, and having faith. 


3. Creating from the Highest Version of You 

• Living on Purpose - Shining your light. 

• Living and giving your gifts and talents. 

• Living into the next version of you always - bigger and brighter. 

• Being open to more. 


4. Moment by Moment Staying Aligned to this New You

• Thinking greater than how you feel every day.

• Living in the high-vibes and shifting when needed. 

• Choosing YOU! 

• Taking action from your Higher Self - not fear. 


Align with your Soul-Self and live your life on purpose! 

So, what do you say? 


align to your truth


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