Resistance to change is positive, exciting, and revealing

Resistance to change is positive, exciting, and revealing


Resistance and alignment are two sides of the same coin - 

and you can use both of these energies to help you!


Get aligned and manifest faster with an energy that inspires you to take action! When you align to your truth instead of your fear and resistance you can get some momentum going. But, resistance isn't all that bad because you can actually use it to point the way.


resistance to alignment  


Resistance reveals the Truth

• Your Higher-Self knows this Truth

• Your Lower-Self fights you with all kinds of stories 


Why is there truth under all that resistance?

There's always a connection to your Higher-Self - an energy that pulls you forward.

The goal is to align with your true Self, your Truth, but... the smaller Self always fights you on this.


alignment to truth - inspiregoodvibes


Now: Most are living in resistance and feeling stuck.

We're safe and yet stuck here (this false "home base" is a lie from the ego). The ego and our small self wants this place to feel like home so it disguises it, makes us feel "Safe” here.

Alignment: There's growth and movement here - it may not feel "safe" but it's our real "home base" - our Soul and our Truth. 


The fight between the Higher-Self and Lower-Self

- it's a false comfort versus your Truth. 

• Alignment is an energy that feels right, that pulls you forward to a new you.

-> to possibilities

-> into the unknown 

However, this is where the fight begins.  

• The Small Self, or Lower-Self, loves resistance because it can control you here, it tells you all kinds of stories and lies to keep you from growing and embracing your truth and Soul purpose.



- to stay in the matrix

- to stay "safe"

- to be like everyone else  (don't make any waves!) 

But our job is to move out of the matrix and we do that through alignment and pushing through resistance - seeing it as a doorway.


No resistance - No growth

If there's not much resistance, then there's not much growth happening either.

In order to move to the next layer of Self and fulfill your Souls potential - you must expand and grow - leaving the matrix. 

You must leave the illusion of what you think is "reality" behind and step into the unknown... where Self, Source, and Soul live! 

Merge not with the Smaller-Self day to day but with your Higher-Self.  
Living in this space requires trust, faith, and growth.
And when you start playing in these different energy fields you're aligned with powerful energies that create worlds. 


Alignment to the true Self and Soul's purpose is leaving the matrix behind:

- it's embracing the next version of you that's trying to come through! 


Remember: The more resistance -> the bigger the new you!


alignment to soul - inspiregoodvibes


    Our job is to see beyond the matrix - push through any resistance and become one with Self, Soul, and Source. 

    The more that you're comfortable with leaving the matrix behind, with not knowing, letting resistance show you the way - then the faster you can move to the next level you! 

    But, you can not let go and hold on at the same time. You must fully surrender. 


    let go - stop holding on



    It's aligning yourself to the higher energies 

    It's aligning yourself to the higher energies moment to moment and choosing the path that:         

    • expands you
    • feeds you
    • is aligned with your Truth
    • is aligned to your purpose and Soul


    soul purpose - inspiregoodvibes


    You're here to do something - literally to “do” and create  - in action - 

    and you do that by being the next version of you.


    Being the higher version of Self that :

    - plays in the higher energy fields

    - "knows" and trusts                                                                     

    - sees beyond -> visioning


    Visioning:  Seeing it and Feeling it

    Walking towards all with the higher energies showing up to guide you. 


    Use Resistance to show you the way and align with your True Self

    1. Vision - Dreams, and Desires

    Your dreams and desires are something you can feel, it's an energy that’s alive in you, wanting to manifest through and as you. 

    (Like I always say: you gotta' follow the energy!)


    2. Trust the Higher-vibe Energies more than the lower energies of the ego and small Self

    • tap into that higher vibrational energy         -  make the choice                          
    • listen to the energies                                    -  guidance, and information 
    • move with those powerful energies             -  physically, mentally, spiritually


      3. When resistance shows up, and it will - USE IT! 

      Resistance is how you know you're moving forward on your path. If you don't feel any resistance -

      then you know you've been here before. 


      align with your true self


      Move from the old energy    —>   to the new energy                         

      Needing motivation and pushing        —>  to inspired and aligned


      Your new home energy: 

      - is expansive          

      - is alive                                                                          

      - is creative

      - is forward motion

      - is of a higher vibrational frequency 


      That's manifesting at its finest  - aligning with the energy that creates worlds. 

      Co-creation of energy - you're no longer resisting but working with the higher energies.                                       

      This high-vibe energy will help you, serve you, and move you closer to Soul and Self.


      When you align with your Higher-Self, Soul, and Source - 
      things begin to happen and shift for you.     


      Higher-Self       - choose daily               - feel expansive energy

      Soul                  -  trust your Truth          - have a vision of your future

      Source             - true alignment             - into the Quantum field 


      Source meets you on this plane and manifesting is easy!


      alignment to soul and source


      On the other side of resistance is your truth - but you must go through.

      (As they say, the only way through - is true.)

      1. Alignment

      2. Step into it - make that choice

      3. Create

      4. Sit back and relax and let Source do its thing!


      Get aligned. Surrender. Create. And then get out of the way.

       -> it's an active surrender - because you still must “do”  what is asked of you.  


      • When you lean into the resistance  —> there lies the gold
      • Without resistance  —> no gold


      When you feel resistance, pay attention because it's telling you where to go.

      You can then tap-in to the higher frequencies and let them escort you:

      - In flow  - movement with ease, true alignment to it all

      - this is Being - and the doing takes care of itself


      resistance is not bad


      Stop seeing resistance as bad:                                                 

      • It's the smaller Self tipping its hand
      • It’s the tell!

      (I don't play poker but I know that the tell is when someone gives away their hand by gestures etc. that are specific to them.) 

      After you've taken the action the smaller Self will tell you how it helped you, how proud it is of you .... blah, blah, blah.   

      - As you grow, it does too - it's always with you so there’s no point trying to outrun it or wait for it to disappear - not happenin'.

      The paradox of life: resistance and growth.


      You can learn to use resistance:                    

      • Let it inspire you and excite you 
      • Say thank you for the tell
      • See it as a companion or energy that points the way


      Let it be a doorway to change not a roadblock! 


      resistance to change is exciting


      There is a difference between resistance and your gut telling you no     

      - one is expansive energy (even if there's some fear)

      - the other is contractive energy - somethings off even if you can't put your finger on it


      Bottom line: Keep going - When that resistance shows up - push through it! 


      And know: It's not about fixing yourself

      1. It's alignment to the intention of your desire - 100%

      2. Taking aligned inspired action:

             Not any action

             Not what’s easier                                                            

             Not what works for others

             Not what everyone else is doing…..

      - but what YOU'RE  aligned with! 


      Aligned      •    mental       •      mind    

      Inspired     •    spiritual     •      soul                         

      Action        •    physical     •      body



      aligned inspired action - inspiregoodvibes 

      What if you're not sure? 

      Tap in and listen to Self, Soul, and Source


      Still not sure? 

      What's your desire? That thing that you want to do that feels expansive to you?  


      Def not sure?

      Where's the resistance? Look for your resistance. 

      That's the tell  -> to your growth and expansion!


      The work is:                                                            

      1. Aligning to your Desire      Intention

      • Your path
      • What you want in life
      • Having a clear channel for guidance
      • Accepting it and owning it  


      2. Staying in the high-vibes so you can act

      • know what to create today  (not living in circumstance)
      • quieting all the mind clutter and doing your work
      • in the higher frequencies where more ideas and inspiration come to you
      • understanding that resistance just points the way


      3. Working with creative energy -> in flow:  Aligned inspired Action    Intention plus Attention

        • Enjoying the moment
        • Working with Spirit, Soul, and Source
        • Heart-centered not head 
        • Not resisting but in flow 


      Remember: Resistance is a doorway!    


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