Who are you BEING?

Who are you BEING?

I was sitting at the beach one day, and for some reason I started thinking: who gets off at the penguin stop?

Well, penguins do, and they live in penguin land. In penguin land you see how they live, how they fish for their food - they do what penguins do in their penguin world.

Just like if you're a writer, you do what writers do.

You take on the identity of a writer: a writer writes daily, they run into writer's block, and then they do whatever writers do when they have writer's block.

They experience all the positives and the negatives and the ups and the downs of being a writer. They know what being a writer comes with.

And don't say you want to be a writer and yet stay on the bus and refuse to get off at that stop. You think, "Well, when it comes around again, then I'll get off. That's when I'll be a writer."

Don't be content to just ride the bus.

Or maybe you're even saying you're a writer, but don't kid yourself, all the writers are getting off at the writer's stop - with all the good and the bad that comes with the territory.

Why? It's who they are. 

Know your stop. 

If you're a penguin then you get off at the penguin stop. That's just the way that is. It's your stop.

Or you can just sit on the bus and ride around all day passing all the stops and  watching everybody else get off the bus.

You're in your small safe comfort zone on the bus, comfy in your little seat. You're looking out the windows and just watching life pass you by. 

But, if you at least get off the bus, then you could always jump back on the bus and get off at another stop later.

At least you got off at a stop. You tried it. You tried being a penguin. Nope, you're not a penguin, so you got back on the bus.

But, just don't ride the bus! Do something. Choose something. Try something.

So, who gets off at the penguin stop? The penguins do.

Take on the identity of who you want to be.

If it's a writer, take on the identity of a writer.

If you were to get off at the writing stop: what would that look like? What would they be doing? What would be happening? 

 What is your stop?


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