Seeking vs. Searching? Always SEEK!

Seeking vs. Searching? Always SEEK!

Are you a Seeker or a Searcher?

Do you find yourself searching more or are you seeking, life is more of an adventure to you. In searching, you shall not find - but, in seeking you find everything.

 It's a difference of intention.

One is full of desperation and low vibes, while the other is full of possibility, love, curiosity, and joy.

Seeking allows for curiosity, for you to pause, to allow - it's very feminine - there's no pushing here, but Searching is pushing, it's very masculine.


seek don't search - inspiregoodvibes


You search too much where you should seek.

You can bring more feminine energy into your life by being open and allowing for life to come to you.

In Seeking, it comes to you.

As Rumi (a 13th-century Persian poet, theologian, and scholar ) said long ago, "what you seek is seeking you." And that's because Seeking is an energy of abundance, soul, truth, and love.

You seek to expand and to become - but, when you search, you search to complete, chasing, to fill a lack, to fill a void. 


rumi quote "What you seek is seeking you"


Seeking allows things to unfold...

To go with, to go within, seeking is the answer to your prayers.

You can have fun with it, you can be playful with it, and be joyous. You can let arrange before you and let all come to you - you're in these amazing energies, the high vibrational frequencies of Seeking.

Seek and you shall find, search and you shall grind.

Searching is low vibe - it's pushing away.

Let go. Allow, breathe, seek.


Can you see the difference?

It's a subtle energy shift of allowing.

It's that which you are seeking that shows you the way - this is like creation energy. ( more on this later )

As you tap into seeking, it brings all to you, you're open and available to it.

You can let go and let it come to you.

Seeking is the energy of joy and of love - of aligning to your truth and soul.


Seeking is from Soul and more of a spiritual energy...

Searching is more ego, of wanting, and working in the physical world. 

Stay with seeking as much as possible: it's more of an abundance energy, of allowing and letting go from heart - it's expansion.

So, seek and you shall find, stop searching - allow for more seeking to come through and to find you. 



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