Where are you on the Higher Consciousness Triangle?

Where are you on the Higher Consciousness Triangle?

Find where you land on the Higher Consciousness Triangle:

  • Are you living in the past?
  • Do you believe in more than what you can see?
  • Have you tapped into something bigger?

    Continue on to see where you fall on the Higher Consciousness Triangle:

    There are five stages or levels and each represents an awakening or alignment to the next level, to the higher frequencies, so you can tap into more information and begin to live a life on purpose.

    At the very top of the triangle is Source - which represents our connection to God, Source Energy, or Universal Intelligence - because, at the highest levels, we are tapped-in and connected. 



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    The 5 levels of the higher consciousness triangle:

    1. Lower Body: Here you’re limited to the physical plane. You tend to live more in the past - feeling and living in the energy of past events.

    - Your feelings are affected by external circumstances and you look outside yourself for answers. 


    2. Lower Mind: Here you only see what’s on the physical plane - you live from the past and can only see what's happening in your present circumstances.

    - You look outside of yourself for answers. 


    3. Higher Mind: Here you move into possibility - you can see past the physical and move beyond your past. You know there's more and start to create a Vision for yourself.

    - You begin to look inward for answers.


    4. Higher Mind and Body: You elevate both mind and body and tap into your Vision.

    - You can see and feel from your heart center - you choose to act from the energy of love which is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

    - Here creation and manifesting are part of the equation - you’re connected to your body and mind and are entering into heart and brain coherence.

    - You go inward for answers.


    5. High Spirit: You’re aligned in mind, body, and spirit - you’re connected and taped into the field.

    - You’re inspired to create and share what you’re doing with the world.

    - You're living from Vision and God can work through you and as you.

    - You go inward and connect to Source for answers.



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    Where are YOU on the higher consciousness triangle?


    • Lower Body, Lower Mind •

    • Most start at the first level and make their way up the triangle, but some never move beyond these first two levels. They're content to live 100% in the physical realm where what they see is what they get.

    ( I say “most” because there are those who have come to raise the consciousness of the planet and are starting off at higher levels.) 


    Each level takes what it takes - months to years to lifetimes and beyond.


    • Higher Mind •

    • The next level is for those who start their journey upward - most will tend to stop here at the "midpoint."

    Here, you can see new possibilities and believe in more but are content with where you are in life. You're beginning to understand the mind and body connection but you're not interested in diving any deeper. 


    • Higher Mind and Body •

    • Next is the alignment of mind and body.

    You're living in heart coherence with yourself, the world, and working in the energy of love. You're able to connect heart and mind together and work from the higher levels - you're in tune with energy and can consciously raise your frequency.


    Side note: Everyone can connect and tap-in to the higher realms in meditation and other ways but you will always return to your “home level” where you live most of the time.  


    • High Spirit •

     • And finally you reach "High Spirit" where you're aligned with Body, Mind, and Soul and connected to Source.

    You walk in this world in the higher vibrational frequencies, guided and aligned - you're allowing Spirit to work through you and as you. 


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    Why move up the higher levels of consciousness? 

    You can always decide on the playground you want to play:

    • You may be very happy and content in this lifetime - you're not interested in rocking the boat.
    • Or, you may want something more, you still can't seem to rest even when things are good - something calls you. 
    • And if life's not exactly going your way, you may want to move into a different paradigm entirely and see what's possible.
    - either way, it's up to you to choose the path you want to walk. 


    You can choose to elevate mind and body, connect with Spirit - seek more, and become a creative and powerful force! 

    When you're aligned with body, mind, and Spiritan integrated whole - it's easier to walk the path of your calling or purpose. 

    You're able to reach higher levels of consciousness when you let Spirit lead - here you're open and available to more information, creative ideas, and inspiration. 


    It's about aligning, allowing, surrendering, and trusting this connection - 
    and then having the courage to go forth with what you've been gifted in this lifetime.



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    When you're aligned with Spirit you're then connected to Source and the higher vibrational frequencies.

    I believe that Einstein, Tesla, as well as Abraham Lincoln and many others, tapped into something bigger - it’s what great artists, inventors, and writers have talked about through the ages.

    They all speak of inspiration and ideas coming from out of nowhere - they tapped in during meditation, dream states, and more.

    Side note: Anyone can receive information but it's much easier when the channel is clear and you're tuned in.


    How does the "Higher Consciousness Triangle" compare to the "Scale of consciousness" chart?

    This scale shows the different levels of consciousness, the corresponding vibrational frequencies and the emotions connected to each level.



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    Lower Body and Lower Mind correspond to learning how to be in the world - learning and working through the human experience: fear, desire, guilt, anger, pride, shame, etc.- all the emotions of physical form. 

    Higher Mind corresponds to the area where transformation begins. There is willingness, reason, acceptance, and belief in more.

    Higher Mind and Body is where we're now connected to the energy of love.

    High Spirit is living in a state of peace with what is and connected to Source and taped-in.


     I'd love to know where you think you are on the Higher Consciousness Triangle - leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts!  



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