Manifesting Your Dreams - The One Key

the key to manifesting your dreams - inspire good vibes

The Key to Manifesting your Dreams 

We manifest from our truth - it’s only from your truth and heart's desire that you manifest the life you want to live.

It's working with the power of your desires - which is your connection to soul - that allows God, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence to work through you so that you can manifest! 

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The Key to Manifesting: 

1. Live in Harmony with Yourself and the Universe

When you're living your truth - you're in harmony and aligned with who you are and Source.  


Because you're vibrating at the highest levels of who you are (your truth) which equals God’s truth, which is your Soul’s work!


What does your truth look like?

  • your gifts and talents
  • your calling
  • your desires (from the heart which is a high vibe)
  • whatever makes you come alive


All of that is you connected to Source and operating in alignment with God and Infinite Intelligence.

When you feel called or pulled to do something, it's there for a reason, it's an energy that's aligned with who you are and that's something to pay attention to! 

That's the easiest and fastest way to manifest. 



high vibe thoughts align you with more -inspiregoodvibes



2. High-Vibe Thoughts Align You with even more Possibilities

Thoughts are energy and affect us in both positive and negative ways, they help to create our future and are the first steps in manifesting.  

The more positive high-vibe thoughts we have, the easier it is for us to create, whereas negative low-vibe thoughts make it hard for us to even take action. 

When we're aligned with higher energies, we're living in a completely different paradigm and available to more than we can imagine - that's when synchronicities and coincidences begin to occur.

Living in the lower vibes of fear, doubt, and worry not only limits us but keeps us small because we're stuck in this lower paradigm which attracts even more of the same energy. 


What we think, affects how we feel, what we do and is the energy we're sending out to the world.


The Universe manifests through us, so the more we're in harmony and feeling good, following our purpose and aligned, the more the Universe can show up and do its job. 

(The trick is - we need to get in the high-vibe game and meet the Universe halfway!) 

And if you're not feeling good - that's your inner GPS telling you something's off, so always check in with how you're feeling so you know to shift your energy! 


Remember: The Universe responds to how you're feeling.


the universe responds to how you're feeling - inspire good vibes 



3. You must Get Aligned and Work with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction doesn't judge or discriminate, it works for you whether you're thinking positive or negative thoughts - you attract what you think about the most. 

The law of attraction is actually your belief system - it's really your own personal law of attraction.

What you believe you receive 

What you believe - what you really believe deep down - is in your personal hard drive...

- your childhood
- what was said to you over the years from friends, parents, bosses
- what you learned over the years
- everything you experienced


 What does that have to do with the Law of Attraction? 

Since like attracts like, your beliefs and thoughts are attracting things, people, circumstances, etc. equal to your hard drive. 

It begins as a thought which turns into a belief and grows into how you think, feel and act on a daily basis. ( Most of us are unconscious of the beliefs that steer the ship.) 

Your thoughts and beliefs = your personal energy = what you manifest

If you want to know what you really believe then look at your life and what you've manifested so far in your life - it's just a reflection. 



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Who you're BEING on a daily basis comes from within - it's your personal energy field which is your vibrational frequency.

Your energy comes from within - who you're BEING and what you really believe is true for you is what you'll manifest. 

* I underlined "true for you" because we all have personal truths that we live by, they're not true but we believe them anyway - and we even fight for our limiting beliefs - and therefore we'll see that "belief" reflected in our life.

You can find proof of anything in your life - the question is: What are you looking for?


perception is everything - inspire good vibes



You can use journaling to Shift your Beliefs:

• I like to use journaling to shift my beliefs - when you put pen to paper you can bypass the thinking mind and uncover a lot of those false beliefs stored in your hard drive - it's pretty amazing! 

• It's the best way to understand what you actually think and uncover deep-seated beliefs that could be sabotaging you from manifesting - if you can uncover a belief and bring it into the light then you can work to change it! 


journaling quote



To manifest what you want - Align to your truth and live in the high-vibe energies:

BELIEVE: If you believe good things will happen for you'll act in a totally different way from those who don't believe and either don't even start or give up along the way.

• ALIGN: For the law of attraction to work for you - you must be aligned with who you are (your truth) and Source. 

You must know how you think and feel, and your heart's desires.

• FEEL: When you know what makes you happy you can live in the higher vibrational frequencies with Source and where more is available to you. Living in joy is the key!   

• VISION: When you know what you want - you can harness your energy and head in the right direction so that you can be directed and guided. 

All of this allows you to manifest faster because you're fully aligned with your truth and Source - which is a powerful combination for manifesting!


4. Cultivate the Power Within.

Believe in yourself and have a vision for what you want. 

Know your why and what you really want - which is aligning with your truth

The best way to align with your power is to write out what you want and why daily - and you must include all the feelings, energies and thoughts that go along with it too. 

This is where people get it wrong: in order to replace old beliefs in your hard drive, you must feel these new thoughts so they can enter your hard drive and replace the old thoughts.  

Emotion = Energy in motion

* Emotion is what creates a new belief - so you can change your beliefs by adding positive emotions and feelings to a thought. 

(This is why journaling is a powerful tool - it can help you feel into a new you!) 

Believe you can and have the strength and the courage to keep going!

motivational print from inspire good vibes

Align yourself every day to your purpose: meditate, journal, use affirmations - whatever it takes for you to get aligned and in the game! 

Do whatever it takes to help you believe!

(That's one of the reasons I created my small word prints - I meditate and journal daily but seeing these on the wall are great reminders for me to stay aligned, inspired and motivated.) 

Always stay connected to the positive and all that's possible for you.


5. What you need will Show up - have Faith and don't worry about the How's

I use to get in meditation all the time: You worry about the Nows and we'll worry about the Hows.

That is, we work in belief each day taking action and the Universe takes care of the How's - how it will happen.

Let the Universe connect the dots - get out of the way!  

You don't need to know "how" just do the work to move forward one day at a time, but you must stay open to all possibilities and ideas - and allow yourself to be guided.

All you need to do is surrender and allow and trust that it's on the way.

Let go and let God 

Know that doors will open, synchronicities, and coincidences will occur - things will begin to line up and a way will be made.

TIP: Be open to being guided - especially if things aren't happening or working out as planned - sometimes the pieces of the puzzle need to be rearranged first. So if all seems to be falling apart - that's what's going on - keep the faith and keep moving in the direction of your dreams!

There may be a better way, a faster way, a totally different and awesome way from your original plans - just know, the Universe is doing it's best to help you - so be open to other options and possibilities as they show up. :) 

the universe has your back print


Steps for Manifesting 

You can manifest your dreams faster by feeling those positive vibes, tapping into the Quantum field and working with the Universe. (You can do this in just a few minutes too.) 

1. Tap into How You want to Feel - begin to feel what success would feel like for you now. Entertain all thoughts of success, health, wealth and happiness and start your day in a high-vibe state!  (Remember that your feelings are what helps you to manifest.)

Start from the End: You did it!  Imagine it, see yourself making it happen - be specific and feel yourself enjoying and loving it all. Where are you? What are you doing? 

Find out more about the power of journaling and how to start journaling.

2. Align with Your Purpose and your Why - Connect to your why - your truth - and what it is you really want! What do you feel called to do? (Know: You deserve it all and are worthy.)

3. Stay in that high-vibe State - this may be the hardest to do but if you can start the day in the highest frequency possible then you have a much better chance of staying there throughout the day! 

We all have things that throw us off our game but not letting them keep you there is what you want to work on - have little tricks to get aligned again and hook back in: working out, music, reading, going for a walk, meditating - whatever it is for you have those go-to things that you can use to stay in a positive field of energy! 

* Meditation, visualization, journaling, and affirmations really help because they help you to see and feel - which in turn makes it more real for you and easier to manifest! 


Remember: the feeling is what you're after - the more you can be in belief and feel what you want, the easier it is to manifest because you're working with the Universe. 

When you're working in the higher vibes you're feeling into a future you which changes your energy in the present and begins to align you with what you want.

* And when your energy changes in the present then everything else begins to change too - you align with these new energies and you begin to think and act differently and your world begins to shift! 

-->  Starting your day like this is an easy way to align and be in harmony with the Universe - you're not only sending out positive vibes and feeling great, but you're also sending out a one-of-a-kind of blueprint for what you want.


The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel is one of my favorite books on manifesting so I included an infographic and break down on his keys to manifesting too: 


manifesting your dreams - use the law of attraction - inspire good vibes



If you want to dive a little deeper into manifesting, here are a few excerpts from The Master Key System  - which is one of my favorite books on the subject:


The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel 

the master key system

• Abundance is a natural law of the Universe.

Nature has made provision for man. That there is an abundance for everyone is evident, but that many fail to participate in this abundance is also evident; they have not yet come into a realization of the Universality of all substance, and that mind is the active principle whereby we are related to the things we desire.

Knowledge of cause and effect as shown by the laws governing electricity, and gravitation, enables man to plan courageously and execute fearlessly.

These laws are called Natural laws because they govern in the physical world, but all power is not physical power; there is also mental power, and there is moral and spiritual power.


• Spiritual power is superior because exists on a higher plane.

It has enabled man to discover the law by which is wonderful forces of Nature could be harnessed and made to do the work of hundreds and thousands of men.

As the plant reaches down into the mineral world and touches it with the mystery of Life, so Universal Mind reaches down into the human mind and endows it with the new, strange, wonderful and even marvelous qualities.

All men or women who have ever accomplished anything in the world of industry, commerce or art have accomplished it because of this process.


manifesting your dreams - use the law of attraction - inspire good vibes


• Thought is the connecting link between the Infinite and finite, between the Universal and individual.

A thought is dropped into the invisible substance of the Universal Mind, that substance from which all things are created, and as it takes root, the law of growth begins to take effect and we find that conditions and environment are but the objective form of our thought.

The law is that thought is an active vital form of dynamic energy which has the power to correlate with its object and bring it out of the invisible substance from which all things are created into the visible or objective world.

This is a law by which, all things come into manifestation - it is the Master Key.


• This creative power depends upon our recognition of the potential power of spirit or mind.

The great error of this present day is the idea that Man has to originate the intelligence whereby the Infinite can proceed to bring about a specific purpose or result.

Nothing of this kind is necessary; Universal Mind can be depended upon to find the ways and means for bringing about any necessary manifestation.

We must operate in harmony with the law.

We see the law in operations everywhere; all Nature testifies to the operation of the law by silently, constantly expressing itself in the law of growth.

Where there is growth, there must be life; where there is life there must be harmony so that everything that has life is constantly attracting to itself the conditions and the supply which are necessary for its most complete expression.


If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature, it is in tune with the Infinite Mind.

Constructive thought must necessarily be creative, but creative thought must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought.

Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the results of power and we have all seen that all power is from Within; likewise, every lack, limitation or adverse circumstance is the result of weakness and weakness is simply the absence of power.

Knowledge will not apply itself.

Abundance will not come to you out of the sky, neither will drop into your lap, but a conscious realization of the law of attraction and the intention to bring it into operation for a certain, definite, and specific purpose, and the will to carry out this purpose will bring about the materialization of you desire.

If you are in business, it will increase and develop along regular channels, possibly new or unusual channels of distribution and will be opened and when the law becomes fully operative you will find that the things you see are seeking you.


The Universe responds to how you're feeling

YOUR Feelings  =  Your Thoughts  =  Your Actions



A Quick Recap on Manifesting:

• When your thoughts are in harmony with what you want - when you're living your truth - then the Universe and the Law of Attraction can help you manifest faster. 

• You can work with the Law of Attraction by setting an intention, having a definite purpose and then taking aligned inspired action - your desires and your calling into action.  

• When you're aligned and in harmony, things begin to manifest - but you have to do your part - be in belief, have faith and move towards your dreams! 


 Get Aligned - Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Faster! 


Also in Get Aligned, Raise Your Vibration, and Manifest Faster!

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