Achieve Spiritual Alignment by Vibrating Higher

spiritual alignment - vibrate higher

How do you achieve spiritual alignment?

  • Align with Source and Soul every day 
  • Stay Connected throughout the Day to Higher Energy Fields 
  • Align with the Energy of Abundance, Love, and Gratitude 
  • Take Spiritually Aligned Action 
  • Have a Vision aligned in Purpose and live in Possibility 

    When you're aligned you're going with the flow and working with energy and not against it. 

    And when that happens - you raise your vibration and manifesting just gets easier and easier. 

    Aligned really is the new hustle! 

    * Infographic at the end of the post explains the difference between being aligned and not aligned!


    follow the energy


    What is spiritual alignment?

    When you're aligned to your truth, then you're aligned to your Highest Self, your Soul-Self, and to Source.

    When you're aligned - you're vibrating higher.

    When you're connected to Source it's always helping you become more of your true self through inspired ideas and little nudges, and that's not all, people and circumstances begin to align with you too.

    Everything starts to align when you're in sync with the Universal energies and inspired. That's what it means to take "inspired and aligned action" or "spiritually aligned action." 

    Spiritually aligned action is an action that's aligned and in harmony with your true Self and Source.

    When you're in tune with you, you raise your vibrational frequency and attract even more positive vibes, people, situations, and ideas.


    Oprah winfrey guote -when my personality comes to fully align with


    I realize that this is easier said than done. 

    I get it, I really do. I know how hard it can be to stay in that high-vibe state, aligned to your Soul-Self, and connected to Source every day.

    So many things can through you off! That's the reason I create my cards, journals and prints - it's so easy to be thrown off your game - we all need reminders to help us stay connected and aligned to the high vibes! 

    The more you're aligned, living in JOY and vibrating higher - the faster you can begin to manifest.


    live in joy and manifest faster - inspire good vibes


    We get to choose if we want to live in a state of joy, in the flow of positive energy and aligned, or out of alignment and struggling and pushing to make things happen.

    Your state - your vibration - is the energy that you're sending out, which is what you're attracting.

    Remember: Energy attracts like energy.

    When you're happy you're aligned. When you're not happy, you're not aligned. It's pretty simple. 


    aligned and happy


    Your feelings are the easiest way to tell if you're aligned.

    Your feelings are the key - they'll always tell you where you're at vibrational.

    Throughout the day become aware of how you're feeling so that you can shift your energy and get back into alignment if need be. ( negative energy can derail your entire day. )

    Use anything that works to shift your energy.

    It doesn't even have to be big - take a 2-minute break, read a quote or passage from an inspiring book, go for a walk, or listen to a song that you love. Whatever works for you!

    (For more ideas on how to stay vibrating higher, you can also check out my post on the 44 ways to raise your vibrational frequency. )

    Being aligned with your Higher-Self and Source is the way - pushing, struggling, and killing yourself is not the way.

    When you're aligned to your purpose -

    aligned with what makes you happy -

    to what makes your soul sing - 

    that's when manifesting becomes easy and life gets really good! :)


    how to manifest - get aligned - inspire good vibes


    How to Achieve Spiritual Alignment every day: 

    1. Get Aligned to Source, Soul, and Self every day as well as your Vision

    You want to connect to the Universe, Source, and align with that energy field and also prime your mind to your Vision. You can do this through meditation, visualization, and/or journaling.


    • Align with SourceSoul and Purpose
    • Connect into high-vibe energies - open to inspiration and ideas
    • See and feel your Vision: make it more real than now to you! (this also primes your brain to take action - it gets your RAS in on the game) 
    • Raise your vibration by basking in the high-vibe energy of what you desire 
    • Feel the pull of these energies and new possibilities awakening within you 
    • Commune with the Universe - share your desires, your Vision and ask for guidance 

      believe in possibility - inspire good vibes


        2. Daily Awareness of Your Energy and Shifting when needed


        • Are you in a high-vibe state and moving towards your dreams - in expansion?
        • Are you in a low-vibe energy state or in stagnant energy? (doubt, worry, and fear)
        • Are you aligned to Source and possibility or living from the past? 
        • Are you aligned to your Vision or only seeing your present circumstances? 
        • Are you feeling inspired to create?
        • What are you feeling? (feelings are a great indicator!) 
        • What are you thinking? 

        Shift when needed - reconnect to Vision, Source, higher energies - always hook back up! 


        shift your energy - inspire good vibes


        3. Action in the Present Moment while Aligned to Future Possibility


        • Action in high-vibe energy - enjoying what you're doing - sending out positive energy only (intention) 
        • Following guidance and taking the steps necessary
        • In FLOW - not pushing 
        • Allowing - being open and trusting
        • Not in "present circumstance" energy but working from above that in the higher frequencies of possibility
        • Living in the energies of your new reality and new you - whatever that looks like to you - OWN IT
        • Seeing and feeling a new reality - it's getting clearer and clearer as you get closer and closer - you can almost taste it as the energy shapeshifts around you


        aligned inspired action


        For each Action throughout the day you can: 

        1. Get aligned by stating an intention for each action/moment

        2. Connect it to the bigger Vision and why this matters 

        3. Ask for assistance or guidance 


        *  Living from the Heart - not the head
        * Belief not doubt 
        * Trust not fear
        * Living as an "I AM" Presence -
        not "I am" present circumstances 
        * Loving what you're doing and who you're being -
        working towards a VISION! 



         Click to download or see a bigger version of my "Get Aligned and Vibrate Higher" Infographic!

        achieve spiritual alignment - inspire good vibes


         Get aligned to Source, Soul, and Self and live your Vision! 


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