Follow Soul - Not Mind

Follow Soul - Not Mind


As long as you follow that power within you, you will be lit up.

Follow that power within you, follow the energy and all will find you - believe and have faith in that. No thinking, it's a feeling - it's always following the energy, it will lead you where you need to go. It's your destiny, it's your soul's calling, it is YOU.

When you surrender and allow yourself to be you, to be fully yourself, then you can stop with all the stories and just let you be you.

That's when the magic happens.
And not a moment before.


You cannot think your way to magic, you cannot figure out your way to the magic, you must feel your way to the magic: that's your truth, from the depths of your soul, talking to you and through you.




But the thinking mind, the ego, does the exact opposite: it cuts you off. It has you in a "reality" that is predictable, in the known, where it's nice and safe to play.

But, the thing is, nothing will change here - I can promise you that - because you're in the 3d reality of the known.

What is known is what is known.

I know it sounds a little obvious, but think about it for a second. If you're not playing in your field of energy, not accessing higher aspects of the self, which is in the unknown, then you're in the known, in the past and present which is easily known and predictable. You're living in the same "reality" as before, and everyone else.

To fully step into your power, you must let go of ego

To fully step into your power, you must let go of ego, of the predictable, and "common sense," because that's going to stop you from rising to new levels and stepping into your full power.

Your power comes from Soul, it comes from your connection to heart. ( It's heart and soul - it's not head, heart and soul. )

That's why you can feel your way forward, follow the energy and let it pull you, and show you the way. You just need to tap in, follow heart, be willing to feel and get your head out of it.

The thinking mind has no business playing with soul,
the two are not in the same paradigm.


Do not try to access soul from the thinking mind - your mind will try to stop you from following Soul and your purpose every time because your ego doesn't want to lose control.

It thinks, which is the first problem, that as long as it's steering the ship you're safe. You might be miserable, but you'll be safe. It's not trying to help you find happiness, it's not interested in you chasing after your dreams - it's only interested in your safety.

The mind does not want you tapping into your soul's purpose and power, tapping  into the unknown because it knows you'll have absolutely no use for it there.

( But, the second you follow soul and show up for yourself, it'll be right there patting you on the back and telling you how courageous and amazing you are. )

The key is to follow soul.

Follow soul, let go, and let the magic begin.


let your soul take control - inspiregoodvibes


When you follow soul, that's when the magic happens

When you follow soul, that's when the magic happens - when you let go and can surrender to something more than your little self, something more than the predictable, more than the known - you find magic.  

Your soul will lead you, the energy will lead you, so always follow the energy...

Let your Soul take control.



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