Choosing between heart and mind with life's day-to-day problems? [Always listen to Heart!]

Choosing between heart and mind with life's day-to-day problems? [Always listen to Heart!]


Choosing between heart and mind with life's day-to-day problems? Always listen to heart.

The key is to follow your heart and trust, rather than live in the world of mind all that drama. I know how you feel, you think it's not so easy to do, but I've found it's ten times easier and faster to create from the heart! (plus, it’s not as hard as you might think.)


That New Idea: using Heart vs. Mind?

Ideas from the heart inspire and pull you - they have a higher frequency - you don't need to push so hard to make things happen, just let them show you the way. 

Be present, open, and don't let the thinking mind take over - let go of all that doubt, fear, and resistance that comes up.

The thinking-mind keeps you in the physical realm of lack and limitation, so move away from that and into the higher vibes of inspiration and possibility -  that's the only "work" you must do!  


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Inspired Ideas are Aligned with Love

Know that inspiration comes from higher energies - not only are they more powerful but they're also specifically designed for you!

When you receive it, you can make it happen - because the possibility already exists within you.


How to Manifest your Inspired Ideas:

  • Trust
  • Stay in belief 
  • Take action from a high-vibe place  
  • Feel your way forward ( heart over head )
  • Surrender to your idea fully!


Working with high-vibes is feeding Soul and Source and the more you live in these energies, the more Soul and Source feed you!

work with Source


How to start Living from Heart?    Step outside the old paradigm:

  • Feel more than think 
  • Surrender and allow 
  • "Know" from your heart center 
  • Learn to trust


 To think only from mind is living blind, but to know from Soul is the way to go.


To get to the place of heart-centered knowing and begin creating from there:

    1. You must trust, surrender, and listen to your heart. 
    2. You'll insist on figuring it out with your mind first. 

You'll think it makes more sense to start with the thinking mind. And you'll do all the studying, reading, and copying others, then there's anxiety, doubt, fear, the crash and burn, trying again, feeling lost -  but, it's a never-ending loop of searching outside yourself for all the answers.

And after all that, and only after that, will you go within, and listen to heart.  

Only after you've exhausted all other avenues (and yourself completely) will you go within and come back to you, listen to Soul, and trust your heart.


Heart over Head - the Stories Our Minds tell Us

Your heart center will never abandon you or tell you lies, your mind will though - it will tell you lies all day long and yet that's who we trust. 

Our minds love telling us stories, and as long we listen, it will chatter on with all kinds of reasons to not do this or that, scary stories, silly stories, procrastination stories... it never ends. 

The mind will tell all kinds of tales to keep you from doing the one thing that could make you happy, succeed, and possibly even change your life! And that's because your mind thinks its job is to keep you safe from anything that could mildly upset you or possibly rock the boat.

Even if it's something that could change your life for the better, it's not happening.

If your mind thinks it will make you uncomfortable, and forget scary that's def out, it's just too much of a risk, we must stay in our comfort zone. (it's crazy but it's how the mind is wired.) 


Why do we listen to these lies from the mind?

• We don't trust the heart

• We fear the unknown

• We doubt it will work

• We're afraid to believe and be disappointed again

• It's what we've always done


But...there's a shift in consciousness happening and more and more people are  beginning to trust in more and create from their heart. People are beginning to wake up to how they feel, what they "know" to be true, and believe that there's more going on than we can see.



heart and mind - manifesting faster

Heart and Mind: the Internal vs. the External

The ego loves the external, the lies it tells for the quick win in the game. 

It's a battle of the ego and the love of the heart.

The external vs. the internal.

Possibility vs. Circumstance

It takes courage to surrender to the heart. It's very brave to trust, believe in the unknown, in those inspired ideas and leave the "reasoning mind" behind. 

You may not be able to see God, the Universe, these higher energies but you can feel them through your heart center. That's how you know there's more going on than meets the eye. 


surrender to heart


You Create and Manifest Faster from the Heart 

You must trust and surrender in order to manifest with heart, Soul, and Source. 

The trick is that you can only see what's manifested after you go all in. The strongest people are not those fighting with their egos, but those who can surrender and trust on a daily basis. 

To trust yourself and listen to heart - to trust it's leading you where you must go, where you need to go, with "knowing" only, and bypass the thinking mind, that's the true warrior.


Heart is a Higher Vibrational Energy where Mind is Heavy

Heart is a positive light energy, it raises you up, it's happiness from the soul, and as you begin to open up to more - you begin to see, and more importantly, feel more.

It's easier to trust and surrender to something bigger when you can feel this positive and loving light energy. 

Your heart is connected to Source - you're always plugged into something bigger,
stronger, and wiser - you just have to tap in.


connect to heart with Source


The mind skews to the negative and does not want you surrender to heart and to inspired feelings. It thinks it's not safe, it would rather keep you in the land of limitations and of what you can see. (it's not your fault, it's actually programmed that way.)


The Journey is to Move into Heart and Trust

When you live from heart you're awakened to amazing energies and the power that's available to you.

You feel happier and lighter when you're connected and tapped into higher energies. You have a direct connection to Source through heart and more is available to you. 

You don't need to understand it, just be with it and know.

It's a new way of learning and understanding and does take some getting used to but you can do this through listening and feeling.


To Switch to Heart follow how you FEEL

  • Choose heart over head
  • Any positive feelings will take you there - no matter how small
  • Align with what you love 


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      Connect with any high-vibe activity:

      - meditate
      - play
      - take a walk in nature 
      - spend time with family and friends
      - enjoy animals
      - use laughter  


      You can always connect to heart,
      Listen to Soul, and align with Source


      Surrender to Your Heart and what You LOVE:

      • What inspires you?
      • What makes you happy?
      • What's calling you? 

      And I'm not talking on a big scale either - just day-to-day what would feel good to you? Take that bath, go for a walk, listen to music, call a friend... whatever works for you will raise your vibration!


        To Live from Heart align with Positive Thoughts and Beliefs

        Your vibration is created from how you feel and how you feel is created from your thoughts.

        When you notice these negative thoughts coming up, change and rearrange them back to the positive.

        Move from thinking to feeling. Let go. Breathe. And feel the difference. 

        Thinking mind = blind.    Heart and soul = flow. 


        Be Aware of the Thinking Mind so You can take Control  

        When you catch your mind creating negative thoughts and mind chatter, stay the watcher and the observer, this distance allows you to see and separate yourself from the mind stories. 

        When you're able to notice, step back and see the program running in the background you take your power back.

        You are not the mind. 

        Take these low-vibe thoughts and raise them to higher vibrations and an energy that serves you!


        Always flip the negative to the positive:

        See the negative thought. Be aware, catch it and stop the program.
        Flip the thought to the positive. How can it serve you? 
        See and feel the positive - align your body and mind with this new positive thought.

        Make your thoughts work for you and not against you! 


        • • •  B o t t o m   L i n e  • • •

        Tune in to those inspired ideas and let them show you the way!

        • Always align with the positive.
        • Trust and surrender to heart - your heart knows the way. 
        • Know these higher energies are here to show the way and to lead you on your path. They show up in the form of feelings and inspired ideas.
        • The Universe works through you, as you and with you - you don't need to know how.


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