Align with Source not Circumstance

Align with Source not Circumstance

Align with Source, not Circumstance 

Do you align with Source, possibility, and purpose or do you tend to focus more on “reality” and what is

I work on this daily - aligning to Source and Soul. It’s why meditation and journaling are so powerful - it helps you to get aligned.


- The more you can align with who you are - the more you can live on purpose. 
- The more you live on purpose - the faster you can begin to manifest. 

"Circumstance" is where you are now - which is actually your past.


That is, what you have manifested, or not manifested thus far, is from what you already did. (The past. ) If you really want to look at it - the present is not even what is - but rather, what was.

So where you are now - your present circumstances - is who you were.


In order to change your future, you need to be different from who you are - you need to align with you. Your truth that is. 

You need to become more of yourself to produce a new future that's more aligned to what you want. 

And the way to do that is to align with Source, Soul, and your Higher-Self - to align with possibility and Purpose on a daily basis to become who you really are.


To BE the version of you that feels good, that’s passionate, that’s enjoying life - that’s aligned with your truth. How? That's the most basic of GPS systems - our feelings.

How you feel = your vibration.


If you’re feeling good you’re aligned to Source and Soul - then you’re aligned to you and your potential. That’s you being happy in the moment - which is a powerful manifesting energy to be in!


It’s you connecting to a better future in the present.

But, if you’re aligned with circumstances only and hating “reality” then you’re definitely not feeling happy (probably far from it) not aligning to Soul, not aligned with your potential - and closing off all possibility.


You are basically living in what was - which means you’re not moving forward - and definitely not becoming who you need to be in order to change your future outcome. ( seems like a cruel trick - but you must rise above!)

The Question ever day is:
  • How can I align more with Source?
  • How can I BE more me?
  • How can I enjoy my day and raise my vibration so that I’m available to higher frequencies? 
(Note: there is more information made available to you in the higher frequencies and you can get there through feeling.)

Do your best to have a high-vibe day! 
xo Denise