Good Energy Quote

Good Energy Quote

Good energy quote from Helen Keller:

"Keep your face to the Sunshine and you cannot see a shadow" 

This quote is so beautiful and inspirational: no matter what happens in life - keep your face to the sunshine and stay aligned with the positive vibes. 

She's really talking about energy here - when you align with positive energies (your thoughts and beliefs) then life gets a whole lot easier and a lot more fun too! 


Your perception affects your reality


That is, whatever you're looking for in life you will surely find. 

If you can change how you see things then you can change your life - when you make that shift everything else shifts with you! 

If you keep your face to the sunshine you're living life happy, you're grateful, joyful and seeing the good in all - and that's powerful energy! 

Energy attracts like energy so the more you can align with the positive in life - the more of that same energy you'll attract back to you.

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 So stay aligned to the positive vibes and the better of you'll be: 

See the good in all, be grateful, choose happiness, always see the sunshine and create a beautiful reality!