How to face your fear, release your magic and be remarkable!

How to face your fear, release your magic and be remarkable!


Face your fears, release your magic, and be remarkable! 

Does fear hold you back?

Everyone feels fear, we just deal with it differently - some of us allow fear to win

and others continue on in spite of fear and find a way to win!


What you'll find in this post: 

• Fear acronyms

• Meditation download on Fear

• Love over Fear

• Faith over Fear

• How to Face your Fear

• How to Release Your Fear


false evidence appearing real  


A few of my favorite definitions of fear:

• False Evidence Appearing Real

• Face Everything And Rise

• F&$@ Everything And Run 


face everything and rise - inspire good vibes


Meditation download on Fear

Fear constructs are there for you - to push through.

(I'm using fear construct as a thought that's created but not "real.")

Everyone has their own fear constructs that help to get them to the other side - a place of peace and flow.

• It’s almost like a barrier to your true Self - that you must conquer - with trust and surrender, as well as belief, certainty, passion, and desire.

• They exist for you to pass through - your own set of barriers that you’ve decided prior to coming into this world, the “Lesson planet.”


You’re here to conquer your fears - they’re really not fears but constructs that you’ve created – which is why once you start plowing through them, the easier it gets, the better it gets, and the bigger it gets!

Your purpose on this planet is to live your purpose and give your purpose - and you do that through growth and learning - which is the whole point.

Many people feel the call of something bigger, but they don't know what to do, but YOU do know.


Go within and you'll find it.

Trust your instincts - move in that direction.

When you're on the right path things will happen to push you forward - the Universe will jump in to help you, but you must start heading in that direction.


First, you must tap into your soul desires.

• What do you desire? (It's that simple, it's not hidden.)

Maybe you think you missed your calling: you wanted to be a ballet dancer and now you're thirty, forty, fifty-something - just move in that direction anyway! Another way will be shown that taps you into that same spirit of the Self.

There are many ways, not just one - don't get down on yourself that you "missed your calling." (If you're still here then you didn't miss anything.)

Maybe it's that you're too scared to see it or follow it - but you must follow it.



It is YOU.

• It’s what lights you up - and you can be a lighthouse on the horizon for others to see and want to emulate.

• It’s possible for all but we must first breakthrough any man-made barriers that we've created.

Think of the chicken and the egg: In the egg, all seems cozy and comfortable but nothing’s going to happen inside the egg!

The chick cannot stay there long without nourishment or it will die - and so will you without Soul nourishment - which is the whole point here.

To live your Soul and your truth - to allow - to become… and to stop seeing fear as real.


Fear is a construct.

• It’s a test in a way, for you to face your truth, your light, and your desires which push you forward.

You must decide and then push through it. 

Now, yes it is more like a pull and a surrender - which is ease and flow if you're aligned.

(Fear still exists there - just because you're aligned to something doesn't mean the absence of fear - it just helps you breakthrough.)


Fear is a misalignment with Soul - it's not your truth.

- Fear is a lie.

- When you align with fear you're not aligned to your truth - your Higher-Self. 

- Pushing through fear - getting to the other side - that is the point and your purpose.

- It's a signal to keep going - you're on the right track.


Don't let fear stop you, it's not there to stop you, but to transform you into who you're meant to be.

Think of the butterfly - it's always about transformation.

It's about transformation to the Higher-Self.




love over fear

Love over Fear

  • Always choose love over fear - it's a high vibrational frequency that dissolves lower energies and opens you up to possibilities. 
  • Live from your heart - what makes you happy, brings you joy? That's always the way - that's the energy you want to follow.  
  • Love is truth where fear is false - and you can definitely feel the difference in energy.
  • Fear is a construct, it's just a paper tiger. 


faith over fear

Faith over Fear

  • Have faith and trust in something bigger.
  • It's only when we begin to align with circumstance and our past experiences that fear gets in our way. Be bigger than your circumstances. You got this!
  • Believe in your desires, dreams, and your vision! Stay connected to your Vision and have faith.
  • Letting the energy teach you and show you the way, that's faith.

Surrender. Allow. Have faith. 


face your fear

How to Face your Fear:

1. Go within and listen to Soul.

2. Trust your Desires - your dreams are there for a reason.

3. Know that fear is a construct - it's false. (False Evidence Appearing Real.) 

4. Align with the energy of love and push past your fears - this connects you to higher vibrational frequencies and what's possible for you.

5. Use tools to help you align with what you want and ignore any fear: use affirmations, subconscious programming, journaling, see what works for you. 

6. Know that your Soul and the Universe have your back - trust. 

7. Think transformation - become like a Butterfly - you're on the path!

8. You are here to learn and grow, your desires are sowed into your Soul - Keep going! 

9. Know that you can - Beleive. Keep the Faith.

10. Be guided - surrender to something bigger than your little self. Be willing to listen to your guidance from your Higher Self, Soul or Source. 

and ... Do it anyway.




dissolve your fear


You can also Dissolve or Release Your Fear  

Where does fear show up in you? Is it in your spirit, mind, or body?

For example:

Spirit: “I don’t believe...”

Mind: “The sky is falling!”

Body: “I feel anxiety ...”


You can dissolve it and release it:

SPIRIT:  Connect with Source, Soul and Self. 

Tap-in through meditation or just sit quietly and align with abundance, Universal energies, your truth, and what you're here to do. 

Get connected in - find your truth, reconnect with Source and purpose. 

Breathe in and out and with each breath become more and more aligned with Soul and Source. 


MIND: Change your focus - what are you paying attention to?

Are you focusing more on the negative or the positive? Shift your attention and your energy to focus only on what you want. 

Set an intention for what it is you want and stay the course. 

A great way to do that is to get really clear on what you want and re-align your brain to the positive - especially since it automatically defaults to the negative.

Grab your journal and go deep with these two questions:

- What do you want? All of it - get specific and no judging yourself! Own it.
- What are you grateful for now? What is positive in your life now?  (Small things count too.)

Looking for reasons to be grateful changes your brain - you begin to see the positive rather than just the negative - think of it as giving it directions for what to search for out in the world. 


BODY: Move your body and/or breathe into it and release it. 

Move your body and release any negative energy - any type of movement helps! 

You can also try this:

1. Sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes. 

2. Find where in your body it feels tight, anxious, or heavy.

3. Then slowly begin to inhale new positive energy into this area, and on the exhale begin to release the negative energy from your body. 

(You can envision white or yellow light flowing into this area too.)

4. Continue breathing positive light energy into this area and releasing any negative energies until you feel better, feel lighter...

5. Repeat as necessary. 


There are many ways to release fear and negative energies from your Spirit, Mind, and Body - find what works best for you. Don't judge yourself, if it helps you - do it. Don't let negative energies stay trapped in your body. 


Bottom Line:

• Don't let fear steal your dreams - push through it, be guided, and trust that on the other side of fear is more than you can imagine. It's just an illusion. 

• Remember: it's a set up to align you with your Soul and your greatest potential!

• You got this! 


fear quote : face everything and rise



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