Live an Inspired Life

live an inspire life to manifest faster


Every day live an inspired life - Live your Vision and live your life by design!


Here are the steps to live an inspired life:

1. Connect to Source - Connect to Source energy and your Higher-Self.

Stay connected and ask for guidance - remember you're not alone! 


2. Create and hold a Vision for who you want to be and for what you want to do.

That is, ALIGN with your purpose, which is part of aligning with your Higher-Self.


3. Live in Joy, which is a higher vibrational frequency.

When you feel good and are living in the higher vibrations of joy, energy begins to shift and changs around you.

Your feelings = your vibrational frequency!  

You must live in the higher vibrations of Joy, Happiness, Gratitude, and Love to vibrate within that frequency - and it's in these higher vibrations that you connect with your dreams and manifest faster! 


4. Act on your Vision once you're aligned!

When you are connected to Source, living from your Higher-self and are happy - you become very powerful! 

Acting from a place of alignment is what I call taking A.I.A: Aligned Inspired Action.  

You're in the flow, things just seem to work out, and you're not pushing to make things happen. 


5. The Universe will help you manifest! 

Once you're aligned the Universe can step in to get things moving for you because you're no longer resisting the abundance and good that flows to you. 

You're open to receiving and since you're vibrating higher - things move faster and manifesting becomes second nature for you!