The Power of Positive Words - Why the energy of words affect you!

The Power of Positive Words - Why the energy of words affect you!

The Power of Positive Words:Words contain both meaning and energy

Words have many layers and are more than just a way to communicate because words have energy - they hold a vibration, have power, and can sometimes reveal our secrets.

Words have the power to impact us both negatively and positively on a daily basis and after reading Sharon Anne Klingler's book Power Words I understand why.

We feel good or bad vibes from certain words because there are positive energy and negative energy words.


words have energy

More than a Definition - Words are Energy

A word is more than its definition because it contains energy and power. In her book, Klingler explains that we actually feel words:

- When you think of the word inch - notice what happens to your energy.

How do you feel as you think or say the word?

- Try the same thing with the word mile.

Did you feel a difference in your energy between those two words? (I definitely did.)

- Next, close your eyes and think of the words short and tall?

Did your energy shrink with short and expand with tall? 

And what about those two words shrink and expand?


It's crazy how we can feel such a difference in the words. Klingler explains that even though words don't seem to have an emotional value we can still feel a difference between them, and that's because words have energy.


words have weight, sound and apperance


Images and the Power of Words

You may not even realize it, but you have specific images and sensations attached to certain words.

Let's try another word experiment: 

- Think of the word soft.

What comes to mind?

What images or feelings pop up for you with the word soft?

- How does the word hard feel to you?

- Do you feel a difference between the words spark, light, and shine versus dull, dark or heavy? 

Can you feel an energy shift with those words? The first group of words would be an example of positive energy words.

 relaxing on the beach - making happy memories


Your Memories, Emotions, and Words

Depending on your personal experiences, you'll have positive or negative attachments to words too; happy times would be associated with positive energy words, while unpleasant and painful memories would have negative words attached.

- Are there any words that trigger specific emotions in you?

- Maybe it's a specific name or place that affects you?

Because of our emotional attachment to certain words, they actually create our lives: Our words color, and also expose, how we view our world.

- Can you think of any words that you like to use that actually reveal something about you?


The Power of Positive Words

Using words that inspire you on a daily basis will change your thoughts, energy, and therefore your actions - which also attracts more positive energy to you!

Using negative words, or self-defeating words, surround you with negative energy and attract more negative circumstances to you.

This is one reason that journaling and affirmations work so well and people do them. 

The fact that words have the power to reach us on an emotional level is just one reason to pay attention to the words we use!

“The language you use brings forth the life that you create. And the words that you use over and over are the language that teaches you - and teaches the world about you. Your words are reflections - images of yourself.” - Sharon Anne Klingler


niruka quote  "language reveals one's consciousness"


The Vibrational Frequency of Words

Words also vibrate at different frequencies which also affect us.

A good example is the word love.

The word love vibrates at a much higher frequency than the word hate.

You can feel the difference in the energy of the two words.

You can attract positive energy to you by using high vibrational words - a good example would be words used in meditation, chanting or during prayer. 

Other positive energy words are words like love, inspiration, hope, joy, happiness and even a word like possibility has an expansive feeling to it. 

But you can use any words that raise your vibration, motivate you or light you up! 

Since we can feel the difference between the energy of words pay attention to how certain words make you feel and surround yourself with positive high-vibe words! 


The Color and Energy of Words

Colors also affect the vibration and frequency of words.

For example, what colors do you see with the words hot versus cold?

- Or the word anger versus peace?

I tend to see dark red for anger (I'm sure most would see red) and I see light blue and white for peace.

“Each word - even when it’s not spoken - carries a vibration that can impact your other senses. This vibration can cause you to sense heavy or light, cold or hot, bright colors or dark.”

Using the right words can raise your vibrational frequency, so be on the lookout for your positive energy words.

Shapes of Words

The shape of words can also change how we feel.

Check out the difference below:

                      power of words

It's the same word but they all have a very different feeling! 

I have an open feeling with the first example, I feel very claustrophobic with the second, and I almost have a feeling of relief when I look at the third example that's correctly spaced.

How about you - Did you feel the same way?


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