12 Ways to Attract Positive Energy to You and Raise Your Vibration.

12 Ways to Attract Positive Energy to You and Raise Your Vibration.

The best way to attract positive energy is to vibrate higher by sending out positive energy each and every day with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It may seem like a tall order, but when you get the hang of it you’ll love all the good vibes. 

Once you start attracting positive energy, you'll do whatever it takes to raise your vibration and live in a high-vibrational frequency.


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How to Attract Positive Energy to You with Positive Vibe Thoughts

1. Positive Thoughts attract more positive energy to you 

Thinking positively not only raises your vibration but it attracts even more positive thoughts to you. And, it also works the same for negative thoughts, so start paying attention to your thoughts and when their negative don't indulge ‘em, just let them pass on by - do not feed negative energy thoughts!


2. Surround yourself with Positive Energy Objects and other things that make you happy

Have good vibe and positive energy objects throughout your home or work. It could be high-vibe art, statues, plants, crystals, or photos that you love -  whatever lifts your spirit or puts a smile on your face will have you vibrating higher! 

Tip:  I love to wear either my leather bracelet or crystal necklace. 


3. Align with the Energy of LOVE not fear, doubt, and worry

In every situation, think of a loving and positive solution that may work. If you can do that, you'll start off in a high vibrational field of energy and more possibilities and solutions will be available to you. 


4. Imagine and Feel into your future self now

When you can imagine or feel what it would be like NOW to be successful, or have that amazing relationship, whatever it is you want to happen in your life, you actually start aligning with that future self. That's the first step in manifesting.

Tip: Feel those feelings at least once a day by either journaling or visualizing. 


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How to Attract Positive Energy to You by Becoming a Positive Vibe Person

5. Be Grateful - have an Attitude of Gratitude for everything in your life

Always tap in to what you’re grateful for - all things big and small - because gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies and the fastest way to attract more positive energy to you! 

Tip: Think of three things you're grateful for every day. You could also start a gratitude journal - to find out more about the power of gratitude check out this study.


6. Be Loving, Compassionate and Kind

Living in the energy of love will always attract more positive energy to you and align you with the highest of frequencies.

When you come from a place of love with all that you think and do, you attract high vibe people and situations into your life! 


7. Live an Inspired Life  

Do what makes you come alive and feeds your soul!

The more you do what inspires you, the closer you'll be to living the life of your dreams. When you're inspired and loving what you're doing, you're vibrating high and the Universe will step in and align you with even more good. So, shine your light! 

Tip: Next time you're inspired - follow the energy and see where it takes you! 


8. Be Present - Live in Your Power

Learn to live in the moment, because that’s where your power lies.

When you're fully present, aware of how you're feeling, and can adjust accordingly - that's when you're attracting more positive energy to you.

When you’re present you can make the necessary changes to align your thoughts and actions to a higher vibration.



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How to Attract Positive Energy to You by Taking High Vibe Actions

9. Do things that Bring you Joy - both the small and the big things in life

Take the time to enjoy life and do things that really bring you joy. Is it gardening, reading a good book, dinner with friends or watching a movie? Maybe it's playing an instrument, traveling, or writing a book. Whatever it is - make time for it!

Tip: Once a week do something that brings you joy. (Here are ten ways to connect to good energy.)


10. Do Everything in a High Vibrational state of Mind

Find a way to enjoy what you’re doing, stack a positive activity like a podcast or music that you love -  or try doing it meditatively.

Tip: Look for the positive aspects in every situation.


11. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Your body is part of your vibrational frequency so you have to exercise and eat healthy food to keep your body vibrating high too.

Exercise helps your body release any stuck energies - especially stress - and eating correctly allows your body and your mind to function properly. 

Tip: Commit to doing something physical at least fifteen minutes a day and eat as healthy as possible.


12. Connect to Something Bigger than Yourself 

Connect to God, Source Energy, the Universe, (whatever you like to call it) … with meditation, prayer, reading spiritual books or listening to good energy podcasts.

Set a specific time each day (or week at the very least) to check in and get aligned. 

Tip: I meditate daily and love watching Agape every Sunday via live stream -  Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith will definitely raise your vibrational frequency! 


    Bottom Line: Align your thinking, feeling, and actions with positive energy to vibrate higher and attract more positive energy to you. 



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