Raise your Vibration: The Power of Love.

Raise your Vibration: The Power of Love.

Since love is one of the highest vibrational frequencies it makes sense that you can raise your vibration with the power of love!

It doesn't matter what you're loving, only that you're feeling those awesome high-vibes because when you harness the power of love you can change your life. (infographic below on The Power of Love)


The energy of love is a powerful magnet
and it's the creative force behind manifesting.


It really is the law of attraction in action! 

You want to think only of what you love, see what you love, hear what you love, do what you love and always FEEL what you love.

Feeling love for something is what sets the manifestation in motion - it's the thought and feeling together that make it happen!

• When you harness the power of love you vibrate higher, attract positive energy and manifest faster! • 


Manifesting Tip: You want to feel those amazing feelings of already having what you want in order to attract it - the best way to do that is as Neville says, "to think from the end."

That means to feel as if your wish has already been fulfilled - to be grateful and overjoyed and feel it now as if it's already happening. And the more specific you can be as you imagine it, the stronger the energy is that you're sending out to the Universe. 

You want to do this at least one time a day - the more you do it - the faster you will manifest. 



Love is a powerful high-vibe invisible force. 
Everything you want to be, do or have comes from LOVE.
When you harness the power of LOVE you can change your life. 

Your desires are the key! 
Your heart's desires are there for a reason.
It's who you are, what you love, and part of your purpose. 

Love is a powerful magnet. 
It's the creative force behind manifesting!
It's the law of attraction in action.

You attract from your Thoughts and Feelings.
• Think only of what you love. 
• See what you love.
• Imagine what you love. 
• Speak of what you love.
• Do what you love. 
• Feel love. 

Love is a powerful high-vibe energy:
It's a positive life force.
It dissolves negativity.
It's the key to manifesting.
And it instantly raises your vibration. 

You must harness the power of LOVE! 

  • Vibrate higher
  • Attract Positive Energy
  • Manifest Faster

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